As of December 2013, part of the park is closed!

Most recent reports I've gotten say that the 7 day hike is off limits, but western parts of the park are open. Please see this LonelyPlanet thread for more information:

If anything changes, please email me: john at pnncocuy dot com so that I can let everyone know.

Thank you,
John Aitchison

Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy

Welcome to what I hope is the last place you'll have to go to in your search for information about Parque Nacional Natural El Cocuy in Colombia, South America.

Also known as Sierra Nevada del Cocuy or Cocuy National Park, PNN El Cocuy is an amazing place which you should really take some time to visit while in Colombia. One of the best kept hiking/trekking secrets in the world, as National Geographic puts it, PNN El Cocuy is:

“a haven for mountaineers and rock climbers, with glaciated peaks over 17,000 feet and tons of rarely explored alpine terrain.”

Not a mountaineer or rock climber? No worries, neither am I or most of the rest of the visitors to the park; you don't need special equipment or special skills to go hiking here. Whether you're looking for some of the most beautiful day hikes in the world, a famed 6 day remote-camping trek, or just wanting to get out and see an untouched slice of the real Colombia, PNN El Cocuy is the place to go.

The park is close to both Bucaramanga and Bogota:

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